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6 Tips For Turning Your New House Into A Cosy Home

After your big move, it takes time to feel ‘at home’ in the new home. In a new home, most people feel like they are on a never ending holiday, and often wake up disoriented each morning. The sooner you make your new house feel homely, the sooner you will feel at ease with the relocation. This way, you are able to go on with your new routine. According to a renowned moving services operator based downtown, here are some tips to turn your new house into a home, ranging from a simple change in your attitudes to interior decorating.


It is important to include people such as close friends and family members in your new space. Having these kinds of people around is recommendable as they are able to contribute to a sense of belonging. If planning to entertain, it pays to spend less time worrying about the little pieces in a new house and more time recreating memories with people you really care about. Hang a number of pictures of important people in your life to help make the walls feel like your own.



Creating a sense of distinct ambience in each room can do wonders to your new home. The recommended way to do this is through employment of varied kinds lighting, playing favourite music, candles and the likes. Rather than utilizing ceiling lights all the time, opt for lamps as a way of creating more warmth in your new home.


The kinds of furniture pieces you place in your house can make it feel like your old home or someone else’s home. However, never be tempted to purchase an entire suite of matching furniture pieces for your new home simply because they look good in the store. It is always a great idea to have a variety of different furniture pieces in your home, whether old or new. Incorporating these kinds of furniture pieces in your new home will assist to bring a significant part of your personality into your home.


It is recommended to incorporate different textures in a new house so as to try and make a home out of it. Cushions, throws and rugs are perfect options to introduce homely textures in a home. Surfaces such as metal stools and wooden tables are ideal for providing variety when it comes to things texture.


When searching for new interior decorating and furniture ideas, it is quite easy to be drawn into the trending fashion in catalogues. However, prior to getting carried away, try and visualize where that trendy furniture piece you have set your eyes on will be placed in your new home. And while at it, try imagining yourself interacting with the new piece. If you can see yourself sitting in that sofa watching your favourite TV series, then by all means go for it. Your imagination can help you determine how you really feel about the new furniture pieces you are about to purchase.


Once you have spent enough time in your new house, you will gradually feel at home in it. Feeling comfortable in new spaces is something that takes time. So, spend enough time in your new home enjoying or doing things you really care about so as to have a sense of belonging in it.

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