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Friendly Moving Tips For Pregnant Women

There are instances when relocating cannot be avoided and pregnant women are not exempted from this. Reasons may include career growth or a choice of moving in to a bigger home. Just the thought of moving is already stressful for a pregnant woman considering the things that she has to prepare and pack as well as the travel and unpacking again. Certainly, you would not want to set your feet in this sticky situation. To help you tackle this, here are some practical tips for you.

Look for a new gynaecologist

This should be the first thing to be done. Inform your present OB gynaecologist about your plan so she can make the necessary adjustments regarding your condition. She may also be requiring a few tests to check if you are capable of handling additional stress. You may also ask for referrals as this will make it easier for you to settle with your new doctor.

Plan and pack


Make a plan that will involve other members of your family. You may be able to do it on your own but it will be too exhausting for you and will not do you any good. Decide what items will go to the trash bin, to charity and in to your new home. For the packing itself, it is well understood that you cannot lift heavy objects but if it suits you fine, you can help in packing lighter objects. Make sure that you start early because this may take you longer than expected. Mark each box or any container which you will be using including the items in it as this will make it easier for you to unpack. It should be a last-in first-out policy.

Be ready for adverse situations

Just like in any event, no matter how much you organise, there are things that go beyond your control. Be prepared for any mishap to hold you back from getting out of control. Do not panic as this will only worsen the situation. Having a credible moving team will iron out the mess. They are professionals and they know exactly how to deal with your relocation problems.

Have a handy bag

This is where you will be stashing in your personal needs. As an infanticipating woman, you need to be comfortable even on a not-so-comfortable day. Put in a bottle of water, crackers, extra clothes and medications if any. You may also want to include toiletries to freshen yourself up. Remember to pack for a three-day bag. If the weight is too much for you, use a trolley.

Use the help of a removalist

Ask for referrals but you may do the searching on your own. There are a lot of removalists posted in the net. Just see to it that the contract covers packing, delivery and unpacking. As a rule, read the contract before signing it, ask about the fee and indicate your specifications if you have any. Whether it’s long distance house removals in Perth or just moving across the street in Perth, make sure that you do not get physically involved in the moving as it might affect your pregnancy term.

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