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Furniture Removals: Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Your Furniture During Moving

Any furniture is valuable. They can be expensive and priceless altogether. These are the reasons behind why it won’t be easy letting go of them when moving from one place to another. You certainly would exert all effort you can just to be able to bring them with you to the new place. How can you actually assure they will be safe during the move?

Always make sure the disassembled pieces are grouped together

This does not mean you should not disassemble what can be disassembled. It means that when you have removed these parts, you have to make sure that the pieces for one part of the furniture go in one box – from the bigger items to the smaller screws that will bind them together with another part in another box. Label that box accordingly so it will be easier to reassemble them later on once you reach your new home.

Use protective moving supplies

Yes, there are protective moving supplies that you can use very well when it comes to making sure your belongings are safe. In the case of furniture removals, you can make use of cardboard, blankets, bubble or furniture wraps. These supplies can help prevent your furniture pieces from bumping and ‘hurting’ each other.

Keep them safe during the move

Whether you are moving at a short distance or at a long distance, it would be best to use safety precautions when moving that piece of furniture. It would pay to make use of a strap that will hold a cabinet door or a dresser drawer firmly in place. This will also reassure you that these doors or drawers will not open and shift during the move.

Cover your couches

One of the most delicate pieces of furniture you can bring with you to your move is the couch. This can be easily ripped off with a pointy object placed near it. It is best to cover the couches and make sure there are no sharp objects placed near it during the move.

Make sure there is enough space to fit it in

A piece of furniture is never flexible. You cannot just make it shrink then fit in with the spot that is left in your car or your van. If you insist of fitting it in that small truck of yours, there is a chance that it will be damaged. Ramming it inside the van will never be a solution to make it fit.

Avoid using packing tape on certain materials

You are aware of the fact that your furniture pieces are made of different materials ranging from leather to velvet or wood. Some are even painted to give it that type of finish you have always wanted. When you are taking these pieces with you to the move, it would be good not to use packing tape to secure them. The paint will rip, or the wood and leather material will be damaged and compromised when you do.

Entrust the move with an expert


If you think you cannot handle your furniture safely during the move, then it is best to entrust the entire idea in the expertise of moving companies like us. We can assure you that we will bring your furniture pieces safely to your new home and keep them protected to perfection.

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