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How Do You Compare Quotes For Moving Services?

Some of you may assume that moving companies offer the same moving services. With that in mind, you might also think that they literally offer the same quotes for such services too. You are ultimately wrong with that assumption. You have to weigh in on several factors and from those that you have listed down, you will be able to comprehend why the costs are not the same for most of them. How then do you compare quotes for moving services?

Consider the different types of quotes when it comes to moving services

When speaking of quotes from moving services, there are two types to compare. The first one is called non-obligation (others refer to it as free). In this case, the company will consider the pre-estimated weight of your valuables. The obligation quote, on the other hand, offers binding estimates that are commonly fixed. Meaning to say, there is already a fixed amount to pay if you consider using the services of the company for your move.

Take note that whilst this type of quote is basically fixed, there is also that clause that states “provided it does not exceed”. If you are definitely confused as to what these types of quotes are and what you can check with the moving company you are dealing with, as it always pays to ask where the quotes are based on.

Consider volume or weight of your belongings

Think about this. You have belongings to carry with you during the move. What you own and what you want to transfer to the new place will definitely be entirely different from what others have and want to bring them. This is to emphasise that the weight of your belonging will then matter in the quote computation. It follows that when your belonging takes up more space and is heavier then you have to pay a higher price. This is because you would need more people carrying your stuff plus it will take more time to load your items in the truck or van when they are heavier.

Consider the distance too

Even when the company says we offer moving services anywhere in Australia, you should never assume that they will offer you the same rate as that of what they will offer to another person who comes from another city. The distance to your new found home will definitely be part of the calculations. The farther the distance, the higher you will pay for moving services. If you want to be sure about how much you should pay for hiring experts to do the move for you then you can use online tools such as Google Maps or MapQuest to calculate the distance required for your move.

Consider any additional services or supplies you will need

Do you have enough boxes to use in the move or do you need moving supplies from the company instead? Are there fragile items that need special handling during the move? Do you need insurance too for some of your most delicate belongings? You have to consider these factors when comparing quotes and make sure the company can explain the additional charges in detail.


There are indeed a lot of things to consider when comparing quotes from one moving company to another. If there is anything else you need to know about moving quotes, feel free to contact us.

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