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How Should You Handle Last Minute Removals?

Last minute removals are not the kind of situations that you want to end in when moving. Sometimes, circumstances dictate things and you find yourself unable to conveniently book a suitable date for the removal. The reason may be being unable to know the exact date of completing the sale of your home. Worse yet, you may find it hard to agree to a completion date if you have not booked a date with removal company.

Most removal companies solely work on a fixed date agreed. When looking for last notice removal companies, ask as many questions as you can regarding their services and staff to ensure you do not get bad services at the most frustrating time of your life. However, when you completely fail to find a removal company, you may opt to do it yourself by hiring a self-drive removal van. These ideas will help make last removal cases manageable.

An extra hand

If you can get an extra hand from friends or neighbors that you trust, that would be great. For those who cannot be able to help like kids and pets, it works if you keep them somewhere safe where they are looked until all home belonging are loaded to the van and transported to the new destination. By talking to your friends or family members, you can easily find someone who will look after you children or pets during the moving time.

Putting things in a garden or garage

By talking to a vendor, you can ask for garden or garage space to keep your stuff a day before the removal. It helps make the removal task easy especially if the house sale goes through on a day you anticipated. This choice is merely personal and if at all, you feel comfortable putting your items in a garage or garden, all you need is the approval of the vendor. The vendors on many occasions refuse to approve of it but if you are willing to try, go ahead. Alternatively, you can ask your neighbors for their garage or garden. Just ensure that if the house sale fails to go through, you immediately go for your items.

Binning things you don’t need

If you pack all your belongings ahead of the removal day, make use of the extra time in your hands by doing some cleaning and check-up. You will likely come across things that you do not need for any reason. Binning will help create more space and ease the luggage. Ensure that all your essential personal effects are all packed in labeled boxes. Get an additional box to throw all the things that you do not need before binning them.

Using the lorry

More often than not, it seems logical to load the lorry room by room. However, it often wastes time and space in the lorry. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use the room-by-room criterion. Hiring a lorry for several days is more ideal than for just a single day. Once you are through with paper work, ensure you pick the lorry a day before removal so you can pre-load as much as you can.

Before the end of that day, it is vital to know if everything will fit into the lorry or if you will have to come back for some items. The first day needs to be for preloading alone. On the second day, pack every other thing left and move to your new home. By the third day, wrap the unpacking part or pick up things you may have left at your friend or neighbor’s place.

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