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Need Help With Packing Before Heading To Storage Or Moving?

When we are packing to move our things to a new place usually, we would be packing all our things which are necessary and unnecessary in the name of excess storage. By doing so, there is always a right way and wrong way of doing things. There is a right way to pack and a wrong way to pack. And here we are going to teach you what the right way of doing things of course is. Just like how some people would think that packing glassware in a pile of newspaper would only result in its ink of the newspaper rubbing off the glassware, it is true that certain materials require a specific way of packing them in order to protect them.

In this article we will take you through the various common materials that are being packed through times of moving or storage, and we will let you know also, what is the right way to be packing them so that you can maintain the quality and standard of your products. 


Glass is something extremely fragile and most of us know that. Most shops cover the fragility of glass with newspapers and wrap them around with just plain paper and offer it to us to bring it back home. But it is always better to use paper which has no print on it to wrap around a piece of glass. This is simply because that the print on normal newspaper tends to stick onto the glass when we attach it too close near the glass and that might lead to having a permanent stain on the glass. Another solution is to use bubble wrap on the glass so that it does not get tainted and remains mark-free for a long time.


Metal is something more durable and sustainable compared to glassware. But again, we should understand that metal is still susceptible to conditions like rusting and tarnish over time. To avoid this we can make sure that we can cover the metal ware in oil or grease. This is almost the only way to prevent the metal ware from becoming something worse. For materials like silver, you can think of alternative ways to preserve its condition.

Also, you can consider cleaning the pieces of silver regularly to ensure that they don’t become tainted overtime. Moreover you can also ensure that you polish them from time to time so that they don’t lose their shine. You should also put in special effort to make sure that they are stored in a special place to make sure that they are not prone to rusting or other degrading processes.


Electronics are harder to preserve compared to basic materials. This is because they have various materials encompassed in them that require more specific efforts of preservation which would help them to last longer in an industrial setting. More commonly, electronics are prone to being exposed to moisture and also corrosion due to various substances and moisture so that is what we need to tackle the most.


Do not hesitate to contact our removalists from Budget Removals as we offer a complete assessment of all aspects of your potential house removal project.

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