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Packing Boxes & Accessories

Moving your household effects is the easy bit. The real grief in moving is in the packing. But you really can save yourself hours of stress by making sure that your packing supplies are in order. Having ample supplies of the right sized packing boxes on hand, when you need them, and the right tape readily to hand, makes all the difference between a move that seems to take care of itself, and one that just feels like wading through wet cement. When you’re packing for a move, you want nothing to get in the way of your progress, and finding that you haven’t remembered to get picture moving boxes can stop you dead in your tracks.

Pictures, hanging garments, archive documents, these all need special packaging, and at Budget Removals in Perth we have all the packing boxes and packaging supplies you might need.

We have standard tea chests, in small, medium and large sizes. We have wine moving inserts for our small boxes. For hanging garments, we have a choice of two sizes of portable wardrobes – the mini- or the regular size – both of heavy duty construction. For document moving, we have packs of archive boxes.

And to go with our comprehensive catalogue of packing boxes, we’ll supply you with ample quantities of bubble-wrap, wrapping plastic sheet and adhesive tape, so your packing will never be held up, and your move can proceed smoothly.

And with Budget Removals’ years of experience, we can make sure that the packaging supplies you need will be where you need them when you need them.

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