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Top Tips On How To Get The Lowest Quote For Furniture Removals

There are people who avoid enlisting the assistance of a furniture removal company when faced with the decision to relocate to a new home, mainly because they consider such services constitute an unnecessary expenditure.

In actuality, numerous moving companies nowadays offer competitive prices, affordable packages and various incentives. Transporting your possessions to a new property doesn’t have to break your bank. However, it is your responsibility to learn how to spot an advantageous deal. The following guide presents a step-by-step approach to obtaining the lowest possible quote from furniture transportation companies in your area.

Plan ahead for the relocation

The decision to move into a new house or apartment is probably not made overnight, except perhaps when you receive an unexpected promotion or a better job offer that requires relocating in less than two weeks. Even so, there is plenty of time to consider all the implications and start sketching the outlines of a plan, ensuring that the moving day doesn’t catch you with your trousers down.

Establish the services you require

The planning phase should feature a list of the possessions that you intend to bring with you to your new home, as well as the means required to uproot, pack, carry downstairs, load in the mover’s van and unload at the destination. Depending on the difficulty of each step – and keep in mind that they all add to the quote’s value –, you might be able to skip certain services.

That is, of course, if you have the experience and the manpower; you don’t want to throw your back carrying a heavy bookcase 3 storeys down and spend the first month post-relocation recuperating in the hospital. On the other hand, purchasing Styrofoam and a few sturdy boxes at the local hardware store, and packing the lightweight items yourself isn’t necessarily something you have to outsource to the movers.   

Part with some of the clutter

Moving is the perfect moment to de-clutter your home, in the sense that some of your antiquated, obsolete or otherwise useless mementos don’t have to accompany you in your new life. The quotes are often made based on volume and weight of the items you intend to transport, so think carefully about what you actually need.

Create a list of domestic removal companies in your area

To be able to compare quotes, you have to start by learning what the offers are. The best place to do that are online and offline listings. Gather as many contact details as possible – emails, phone numbers, storefront addresses, etc. – and create a list.

Start shopping for quotes

Irrespective of how you start sorting the available companies or the order in which you contact them, the goal is the same: matching or beating the last quote you received. Let the representatives know when you have better deals and ask what they could offer to top them. Naturally, you’ll want to take into account the category of services, success portfolio, experience and insurance policies when you perform the comparison, not just the costs.

Bonus tip: Keep an eye out for special deal packages


Professional and well-established movers often post seasonal deals and incentives for customers. When added to the standard service package, they could actually make the collaboration considerably cost-saving for you. 

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